ClearSpace reaches key milestone in the development of the national UK debris removal mission

ClearSpace reaches key milestone in the development of the national UK debris removal mission

London, UK – June 8th, 2023. ClearSpace is proud to announce a significant milestone in the CLEAR Mission as it has successfully concluded the System Requirements Review, marking a pivotal phase in the satellite development process. 

This milestone represents a crucial step in the development of ClearSpace’s mission for the UK Debris Removal mission, by meticulously evaluating technical requirements and conducting a comprehensive examination of the satellite’s functionality, design, and operational objectives. The successful completion of this review, led by the UK Space Agency, validates ClearSpace’s mission proposal, aligning with the objectives outlined by the UK Space Agency to develop a service capable of retrieving two derelict, UK-registered, objects in low Earth orbit and demonstrating other key technologies like refueling. 

In September 2022, ClearSpace was awarded a major contract by the UK Space Agency to conduct the design phase of the CLEAR Mission. After the successful completion of the milestone, the next significant step now on the horizon is the Preliminary Design Review which is anticipated for the end of 2023.

The successful completion of the System Requirements Review is a testament to ClearSpace’s unwavering dedication to space sustainability,” stated Rory Holmes, Managing Director of ClearSpace in the UK. “Our vision is to create a cleaner and safer space environment for future generations. With our innovative satellite, we are taking significant strides towards realizing this goal. 

Reflecting on ClearSpace’s achievement, the UK Space Agency’s Head of Sustainability, Ray Fielding, said: “ClearSpace’s accomplishment in completing the Systems Requirements Review is a significant milestone – not only for the company but also for the UK space sector. This pioneering satellite project showcases the UK’s commitment to addressing the pressing challenge of space debris, further solidifying our position as a global leader in space sustainability. 

With the successful completion of the System Requirements Review, ClearSpace continues to forge ahead in its mission to safeguard the future of space exploration and foster a sustainable and secure space environment. 

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About ClearSpace

ClearSpace, an in-orbit servicing (IOS) company created in 2018, is intent on revolutionizing how space missions are conducted. ClearSpace is becoming now a global company with dynamic engineering teams in Switzerland, the UK, Germany, Luxembourg and in the United States. ClearSpace is creating the technologies that will support a wide range of IOS applications, from disposal and in-orbit transport to inspection, assembly, manufacturing, repair, and recycling. ClearSpace aims to support institutions and commercial operators alike to enhance sustainable space operations and promote a circular space economy. In 2020, the company was awarded a service contract by the European Space Agency to develop ClearSpace-1, the world’s first mission to remove a piece of debris from orbit. The ClearSpace-1 mission is also supported by Elite Partner Omega. ClearSpace is growing rapidly and is actively engaged in the initial phases of two additional in-orbit servicing missions.

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