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34’000 – 1

Today, more than 34’000 man-made objects measuring over 10 cm in diameter

are tracked as they orbit around Earth. 


Removing man-made space debris is the responsibility of today’s generation…. to ensure

tomorrow’s generation can continue to benefit from space technology and exploration.

We are on a mission to remove a first debris from Space by 2025 and develop the technologies needed to:



and track the target satellite orbiting at 7Km/s at 720Km above sea level.



the target satellite, which has not been designed to facilitate the capture.



it, freeing its orbit for future space operations and reducing risks of future collisions.



the operation, repeat the cycle. It’s all about reusability.

Our everyday lives are becoming increasingly dependent on space infrastructures. 

As space infrastructures develop and bridge the gap between developed and developing countries, our dependence on space will continue to increase. However, over the past few years we have come to the realization that without a cost-efficient solution for the removal of deserted satellites and other forsaken space debris, this future, will not be sustainable.

ClearSpace-1 ADR mission under the ESA ADRIOS programme has been successfully funded at the ESA 2019 Ministerial summit in Seville


Meet your crew

Luc Piguet


ETML/HIEG-VD/EPFL MSC engineer and Stanford GSB alumni. 18 years of field experience in B2B & B2G

Muriel Richard

Technical lead

Caltech Alumni with 12 years on interplanetary missions at NASA JPL & 12 years at EPFL Space leading SwissCube & CleanSpace One Missions

Catherine Johnson


Creative & Entrepreneur with 20 years+ of Design & Industry Experience from startup to contemporary brands. ECAL industrial Designer, has been working 12 years with Marc Newson

Luca Cirafici

Chief Financial Officier

Seasoned executive in strategy, fundraising, operations and finance. Head of key business excellence initiatives (LEAN)

Reyhaneh Nadjafi Piguet

Compliance & HR

Swiss Chartered Accountant, 32 years of business management, particularly audit, accounting & consulting

Brigitte Allegra

Financial Controlling

ACMA/CGMA – Chartered Management Accountant, Over 20 years of financial experience from startup to corporate

Our experienced team combines many years of experience at agencies (such as ESA, Nasa/JPL and DLR) and large prime integrators (Airbus, Thales, Ruag, SSTL and others).

The Clearspace team members have multiple missions under their belt. We are complemented by a robust and experience consortium which will focus on different key aspects of our space missions.

Noémy Scheidegger

Capture system engineer

Senior system engineer with extensive working on space mechanisms

Jacques Viertl

System engineer

EPFL MSC Physicist Engineer, over 10 years experience in developing optical systems for space application

Charles Bakouche

System engineer

ISAE Alumni, 15 years of experience at Thales Alenia Space in GNC and Avionics

Bastien Gorret

System Engineer

EPFL MSC Mechanical Engineer. Young engineer with experience in R&D and technology planning

Michaël Pellet

Capture system engineer

EPFL Alumni, experienced in the design of electronic and mechatronics systems

Michaël Juillard

Electrical Engineer

EPFL MSC in micro & Nanoelectronic, PhD Candidate at EPFL Space Center working on Avionics. Experience in Propulsion (Hall Thruster)

Pierre-Alain Mäusli


Physicist (PhD) with over 30 years experience in Space Mechanisms

Rémy Özkan

Interactive Media Designer

ERACOM product, experienced in motion, video, graphic content, web design and communication strategy

External Support

Wenzel Jakob

Assistant professor leading the Realistic Graphics Lab at EPFL’s School of Computer and Communication Sciences

David Atienza Alonso

Head of the Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESL) at EPFL

Mathieu Salzmann

Senior Researcher at EPFL-CVLab. Prior NICTA’s computer vision research group.

Advisory board

Olivier De Weck

Expert in multidisciplinary system optimization, space exploration, systems engineering, « ilities », space logistics

Christophe Bonnal

Space debris expert at CNES and Chairman of the Space Debris Committee at International Academy of Astronautics

Jean-Jacques Dordain

General director of European Space Agency from 2003 to 2015, prior Executive Secretary at NASDA, now JAXA and Director of Launchers at ESA

Prof. Nicollier Claude

First Switzerland astronaut with European Space Agency and professor emeritus at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne

Pierre-Yves Bolinger

Head of the equipment & centers management office at EPFL. Supervise financial controllers of large scientific projects

Tim Maclay

Space policy and large LEO constellation expert, space sustainability & technology advancements.

Flying together with our partners

Do you like pushing the boundaries of the impossible?

Do you believe you can make the world a better place, that every idea should be constructively challenged, and that knowing why is essential?

Do you like to get things done and make all the projects you participate in your own?

Come and join us!

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