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23'500 -1

Today more than 23'500 man-made objects measuring over 10 cm in diameter are tracked as they orbit around Earth. The next big adventure is keeping space clean to make sustainable growth possible

CleanSpace One is a pioneering mission to demonstrate the removal of a satellite in space.

The CleanSpace One chaser will remove the first, the SwissCube




and track the SwissCube, an object the size of a brick of milk (10cm x 10cm x 10cm) traveling at a speed of 7 km/sec. and at an altitude of 720 km above sea level.

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the SwissCube. SwissCube has not been designed or prepared to be captured in space. The CleanSpace One chaser will have to execute a non-cooperative capture.

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the SwissCube, thus freeing its orbit for future space operations and reducing the risk of collisions.

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Reuse space, reuse the chaser or reuse the target? We open the door to recycling of satellites. We pave the way for space sustainability.

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