Who we are

Cost-effective service to remove failed satellites and debris from space.

ClearSpace is a Spin-Off from the EPFL Space Center. The company founded by Luc Piguet, Muriel Richard & Catherine Johnson was born to host the design team for the CleanSpace One mission, out of the realization that the cost-effective in space removals is a critical building block of the future of space operations. The ClearSpace team unified around the CleanSpace One mission is focused on building a viable and affordable solution to remove failed satellites left in space and ensure the long-term sustainability of space operations..

The profound changes that the space industry is undergoing will provide substantial benefits to future generations. However, over the past few years we have come to the realization that without a cost-efficient solution for the removal of deserted satellites and other forsaken space debris, this future will not be sustainable.

Mission team

Experienced in large scale projects at the frontier between governments, industries, and consumers. EPFL MSc & Stanford GSB alumni.

    Luc Piguet CEO & FOUNDER

    ECAL Industrial Designer has been working 12 years with Marc Newson. "The dreams are the sacred heart of our imagination." Omar Poras

      Catherine Johnson CDO & FOUNDER

        Reyhaneh Nadjafi Piguet CFO

        Caltech Alumni with 12 years’ at NASA/JPL & 12 years at EPFL Space leading the SwissCube & CleanSpace One Mission.

          Muriel Richard EPFL TECHNICAL LEAD

          Transform broken satellites into shooting stars to get our sky free of debris again? Hello future – here we are!

            Noémy Scheidegger CAPTURE SYST. ENGINEER

              Bastien Gorret SYST. ENGINEER

                Michaël Juillard RV PROCESSING

                  Pierre-Alain Mäusli Lecturer in Physics and Space Mechanisms

                    Candice Norhadian ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT

                      Jacques Viertl SYSTEM ENGINEER

                      CSO Advisory Board

                      ESA Astronaut. Claude participated in two Hubble servicing missions.

                        Prof. Nicollier Claude, Chairman ESA Astronaut, EPFL Mission Operations

                          Pierre-Yves Bollinger EPFL VP Research

                            Thémans Michaël EPFL VP Innovation

                            ClearSpace SA

                            EPFL Innovation Park
                            Bâtiment C
                            1015 Lausanne


                            EPFL Space Center

                            EPFL-ENT-R ESC
                            Station 13
                            CH-1015 Lausanne